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    During July 2012 The Art and Biodiversity Partnership offered the opportunity to participate in their exciting Summer School.

    As part of Puzzling Lakes we led an Art Attack working with a variety of colours and materials, asking the children if they had ever seen the programme ‘Art Attack’. The aim was to create an image of the UEA Broad using a variety of materials from the Sainsbury Centre’s Education Studio.

    To create an image of the Broad we needed to gather knowledge about the habitats – the grass is not just green, it has wild flowers and you can see some ground through it in places and rocks and pebbles.

    After the time was up we stood back to look at the complete art attack from afar. Does it show a variety of different habitats and biodiversity which can be seen in the UEA Broad? Using an overhead camera we recorded the work in progress as a time-lapse video.